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Yep, everyone is online these days. So, let Pen Cap Online Marketing grow your online presence, build your brand, and help new customers find you.


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Pen Cap: The Goofiest Name in SEO

Based in the Greater Philadelphia area, Pen Cap Online Marketing understands that any product or service can practically sell itself.

But getting it in front of the right audience? That’s a whole different matter.

Blending traditional search engine optimization (SEO) tactics with current online marketing strategies—such as content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and digital PR—Pen Cap delivers SEO solutions that serve a simple purpose: Making you more visible to your current and potential customers.

What Can Pen Cap Do for Your Business?


Pen Cap specializes in creating SEO strategies for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Does that mean just finding the right keywords and getting new links? Well, sorta, but not really.

There was a time when improving search engine rankings was only about keywords, links and…not much else. Those traditional tactics are still a part of SEO, but your online success really hinges on creating great content, brand authority, recognition, and so much more.

In short, SEO and online marketing as a whole is all about experience now. Search engines don’t care what sites have done the most SEO work, they care about whose site offers the best experience and delivers the best answers.

Search engines–such as Google and Bing–want to recommend reputable, authoritative sites that searchers can trust. This concept is what drives each of Pen Cap’s SEO strategies.

By combining traditional SEO techniques with marketing and branding strategies that build trust and loyalty between businesses and their customers, Pen Cap Online Marketing can help your site build its presence and gain more qualified traffic from the kind of customers looking for a business just like yours!

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